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Original Linocut Art

I create limited editions of unique  linocut designs by carving the images into lino  inking it, then printing. I build up the layers of colour, often varying them throughout the edition, to create a series of prints that have unique hand made qualities.

My sizes vary from 15cm to 75 cm and the level of complexity ranges from one colour to up to 20 layers of ink to create depth and texture.

I hope you enjoy this gallery showing some of my work and feel free to contact me to ask about anything you like here or have seen on social media or at events.


Joy on a Winter Dawn

 30 cm x 30cm image

magnolia colout.jpg

Morning has Broken

30 x 30cm image


Golden Moon

15 x 15cm image



15x15cm image

23 starlings.jpg

A Morning Bath

40 x 30cm

22 puffins (2).jpg

Puffins In the Pink

40 x 30cm

This is a small selection of my art

to see more or ask about a specific piece please contact me or visit my Etsy shop

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