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Where it All began

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

In December 2016 I took Lola and Shadow, my loyal Labradors to the beach and took this photo. It sort of spoke to me and said 'linoprint me'. My experience of linoprints at this point was only in the form of some art on my walls.

As life does doors opened before me and a class over three mornings started on March 2017. So, armed with this image I went along full of enthusiasm and focus. I was lucky enough to be taught by a wonderfully patient lady called Tabitha, who I thank.

I really was so very pleased with this, my first effort. It was messy, clunky, I was terrified I was going to cut off their tails. Time was short and everyone was laughing at me as I kept dashing to dry things under the hand drier in the loos.

But I was hooked. Addicted. Obsessed.

Everything I saw I wondered how I could print it. So I just started printing. And didn't stop!

We mustn't forget that this print gave me my brand. Two Dogs Art was born and this image was recreated a few times as I practiced.

Its a sad thing but now I have just the one dog, poor Lola passed away too soon leaving a big gap and now, just Shadow and I walk around the paths, beaches and fields with camera at the ready. I collect images of seasonal plants, of mushrooms as when I compose an image I like it to be seasonally accurate.

So, that was the birth of Two Dogs Art and of a life changing moment which has brought me purpose, and peace, provided opportunity, friendships, inspiration and some success as I continue to print make.

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